When you move to an Arcadia Waters Retirement Village you’ll find that it will free up a lot of your time. Many of those tedious jobs like mowing the lawn, weeding the garden and house maintenance, will be a thing of the past because they are all taken care of by the village management and support staff.


Everything you want now …

You’ll have more time to enjoy a luxurious resort lifestyle that’s centred on you, your health and well-being, your security, stimulation and social companionship.


Staying fit and active is easy at Arcadia Waters. For example, depending on location you could join a water-aerobics session, work-out in a gymnasium, or follow a more gentle exercise regime in an indoor heated hydrotherapy pool or spa.


For those who prefer a more relaxed pace you could enjoy a few ends of bowls or a coffee with friends in one of the delightful village cafés or alfresco areas, relax in the comfortable residents’ lounge, or release your creative talents in an arts and crafts studio or workshop.


… and in the future

While you are probably living a healthy and active lifestyle today, you never know your circumstances might change later on. That’s why Arcadia Waters villages cater for both the present and the future with delightful resort facilities to enjoy today and the peace-of-mind that comes with a range of optional in-home care services that you might need tomorrow.


These are provided on a user-pays basis and can include assistance with meals, showering, cleaning, laundry and local shopping amongst others. Should a resident be assessed as requiring Low Care, many of these specialist services can also be organised in your home from preferred providers. So a move to an Arcadia Waters Retirement Village means you’ll probably never have to worry about moving home ever again.


For further information about the facilities and lifestyle on offer in our villages in Perth, Mandurah and the mid-West, please click on any of the village locations on the map opposite. Click here to read our Frequently