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Arcadia Group appoints new General Manager


General Manager / Principle

The Managing Director of the Arcadia Group, Mr. Roger 

Kwok, appointed Angus Kukura to the newly created position of General Manager Assets, Sales & Marketing on the 1st July 2013.


Angus resigned from his position as General Manager, Group Property, Sales and Marketing with the St Ives Group; a position he had held for just on 15 years, to take up the newly created role.


“I had formulated plans to step away from a corporate role into my own specialised real estate and retirement sales consultancy practise, however as most people who have met Roger Kwok will attest, he can be mighty persuasive and his vision for the Arcadia Group and the person that he is, swayed me to set aside these plans. I have not had a single moments regret with my decision to work alongside him. I came to know Roger a little during our time serving on both the regional committee of the Retirement Villages Association and as Directors on the RVA’s national Board.” He said.


Angus has been credited with being one of the first people to introduce the ‘smooth move’ product and concept to Australian retirement sales. It was during the latter stages of 1998 that he experienced a number of customers voicing their dissatisfaction with the lack of service and empathy they were receiving from their appointed residential real estate agents. One of these clients who had not transacted a real estate sale for 57 years, inadvertently signed an offer on their home not realising it meant they would effectively have no place to live as their new unit within the village would not be ready for occupancy for a further 11 weeks. The agent was actually charged with unconscionable conduct however this did not help the poor customer. Fortunately the village stepped in and assisted them with removalists and to find alternative accommodation however it was a lesson he would never forget and it was soon after that he developed the ‘smooth move’ which essentially offers a ‘one stop shop’ approach that coordinates all aspects of the sales process.


“I never wish to see another resident inadvertently out on the street because of the lack of care or understanding displayed by an outside real estate agent who is only motivated by commission” he said. “Once an agent sells the family home, his relationship with our customer ends. With the ‘smooth move’ service it is just the beginning and it is a relationship that in many cases will last for years” he went on to say.


Angus was also one of the first people to introduce the ‘love it, or your money back’ guarantee. The guarantee essentially allows for a full refund of the purchase price of the village home (less an agreed rent and refurbishment costs) if the resident elects to leave the village within the first 12 months. “We believe that Arcadia have some of the most vibrant and happy retirement estates in the country and to remove any doubt we will introduce this guarantee for sales of brand new units at our Port Denison, Mandurah and Geraldton villages” he said.


Angus is also passionate about village design and layout and has already taken an active role in modifying the future plans for both the Geraldton and Port Denison villages.


Angus is married with one daughter who has followed in his footsteps and entered the aviation industry. He and his wife own a small country property that they are renovating and most weekends you will find him in his old ute or tractor which provides him with his ‘creative space’ as he calls it.


Angus welcomes your call on any matter relating to the Arcadia suite of services and may be contacted

on (08) 9218 8388 or angus@arcadiagroup.com.au