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Arcadia Group’s Response to COVID-19

Friday 27th March 2020
Arcadia Group Communities, Rylands, La Dimora and Arcadia Waters are currently exercising caution in reference to the current situation of Coronavirus (“COVID-19”). The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff is Arcadia Group’s greatest priority during these unprecedented times of uncertainty. We will continue to review the situation on a daily basis and endeavor to communicate these changes on the website and to our residents
After the instruction communicated to Australia recently and after consultation with the Retirement Living Council and Property Council of Australia, there are some further measures that we now need to put into place:
Arcadia Group has made the difficult decision to restrict access within our villages to essential visitors (2 per day) and critical contract work only. These measures have been made after considerable thought.
In order to protect the residents within the communities, Village Managers will secure all sources of entry, by closing gates and closing entry doors. This will restrict non-essential access, to ensure the management of those people who are required, to come in and out of the village environments.
For the majority of our residents, this means the same procedure we have in place for after-hours access will now apply around the clock. We understand for some this may cause some concern. However, Arcadia Group has a duty of care to provide residents with a safe living environment, therefore we need to make decisions that we believe will be effective.
The control of access to our living and working environment will restrict non-essential visitors, specifically on weekends when non-essential visitors should not be necessary.
Please help reduce non-essential visits
We will continue to seek your assistance in reducing your visit to our villages and into our resident’s home environments. We must be conscious of the message the Prime Minister, our Premier and the authorities from the Health Department are conveying.
• Limit visits to a short duration, and to a maximum of two immediate social supports (family members (restriction to children under 16 years of age) and close friends) or professional service or advocacy at one time, per day
• Ensure visits are conducted in residence only
• Practise social distancing, including maintaining a distance of at least up to 2 metres
• Consider using phone or video calls to enable regular communication with family members and friends
Carers and Allied Health Workers are considered as essential visitors, therefore as this is an essential service required for some residents, there are no restrictions in place on the number of visits per day.
Residents to Log all Visitors in Registration File
All residents have been provided with a registration file in their home. Arcadia Group has requested all residents are to ensure that any visitors, including contractors, service and home care providers, as well as family members, register their visit by completing the Visitors Declaration and Questionnaire Forms. The forms are located inside the registration file, and will clearly state that if any visitors are unwell or are identified as being required to be in self-isolation, residents must advise the Village Manager, and they must leave the premises immediately. This method of review importantly provides a register to assist health authorities trace people who might be subsequently exposed to COVID-19.
Stay in contact with Residents
We ask that you continue to stay in contact with residents in our Villages. With limited face to face contact residents will have with fellow residents and no access to communal facilities, we ask that now is the time stay in constant contact with residents. Video and phone calls are essential during times of isolation.
Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene alone is the most important measure for us all to practice to stop the spread. Please be extremely cautious with hand hygiene when visiting our villages when arriving.
Please note that these procedures put in place have not been made lightly, however stand by the fact that it is our duty to protect our residents and staff.
We will continue to review this process regularly and provide updates as new information comes to hand.
Please also be assured, we will do our best to support our residents during this period and we will keep in constant contact to make sure they are safe and comfortable and that you have access to food, medicine and other needs.
We thank you for your cooperation during these times of unrest but if you have any concerns or questions in relation to this, please contact us on 08 9218 8388.